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Historic Cambria Depot
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The Great Turkey Drive

Abilene and Amarillo had their great cattle drives; Christiansburg and Cambria had "The Great Turkey Drive." Once a year, farmers from southern Montgomery County, especially those who lived out Five-Points Road, which connected Christiansburg to Riner, drove their turkeys to Cambria to put them on a train and send them to market. While no photographic evidence has been found of the event, we have an eye witness who swears that the turkeys were driven down Main Street and Franklin Street in Christiansburg and then over the hill on Depot Street and down to the station. The turkey handlers, called gobblerboys, raced after stray turkeys and stray youngsters who happened to relieve the turkey handlers of ownership of their fowl. Given the number of turkeys in the vicinity of Montgomery County, it is not, therefore, surprising that Virginia Tech is the proud home of the gobblers, although there is also no record of turkey drives from Blacksburg nor that there is any connection between Tech and the south county turkey farmers.

Baseball in Cambria

Baseball has a long and storied history in Cambria, although certainly not at the level of Elliston, where the Elliston players took on a professional team from either Baltimore or Philadelphia (the story escapes us). Close your eyes and on a hot summer evening, you can still hear the shouts of "come on batter batter" in the Cambria Grove. If you listen close enough, you can still hear the thump of a fist in a baseball mitt.

It's anyone's guess how many kids learned to play baseball and football at the Grove in Cambria. While it is not officially a park, the property has been used for kids recreation for years.

Puzzles and the Like

The Cambria Word Search. Hot off the presses. Whether you are an adult or a child, the Cambria Word Search is a way to spend a few minutes and learn something about Cambria.

School Yard Games

According to Barry Akers, one of our best local historians, Weller Baker School, at 1175 Cambria Street, was built by T.G. Moore in 1935 on the site of the Cambria Primary School, which burned in 1933. His father attended classes in the Cambria Hardware building after the fire, while Weller Baker School (named after the hardware store owner) was being built, and attended school there after it's completion. Weller Baker is fondly remembered by those who attended classes there. "When I was in high school, you could still here people call out "Weller Baker" in the halls when they would see someone that they had gone to that school with." The building is now occupied by the Montgomery County Public Schools Service Department.

What kinds of games would have been played at Weller Baker in the 1935? It may surprise you that the games played at Weller Baker are probably the same ones played in the 1960s and the 1990s, including:


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