Cambria and the Virginia Tennessee: Civil War Years.


May 8 - May 19, 1864. The rail line through Cambria, part of the Virginia-Tennessee Railroad provided a direct connection between Richmond and Chatanooga. The first depot, plus commissary buildings and a recreation hall, were burned by Union troops under the leadership of Brigadier General William W. Averell. Other accounts suggest they also burned some 4 to 5 warehouses, but were under orders not to burn residences. According to an account by D.M. Barnes, Special Correspondent for the New York Times (Published 6/10/1864, document #80295664), Averill's troops forded the New River and struck the depot at Christiansburg (see image to the right) For more information on Montgomery County during the Civil War, visit the Montgomery Museum and Lewis Miller Regional Art Center on Pepper Street in Christiansburg.



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